We want to challenge the status quo of HR and recruitment. Because the future of HR looks nothing like the present. Our mission is to provide the inspiration needed to meet tomorrow’s needs in the fields of HR and recruitment. The ultimate goal is to create the best Nordic forum for innovation and knowledge sharing between professionals in recruitment and HR. 

Nordic HR Conferences is Powered by Sylvester & co. Sylvester & co – We help HR work smarter hold a position in the Nordic HR and recruitment industry as a future-oriented company with a digital mindset. Drawing upon the solid experience from the HR and recruitment industries in Sylvester & co, the events organized by Nordic HR Conferences deal with the most salient issues in the industry today. 

Our goal is to provide a setting where professionals can get inspiration and support to streamline the entire HR value chain including recruitment, administration, retention, development, and attrition.

Nordic HR Conferences rests on three pillars:

  • Innovation – we address contemporary HR and recruitment issues and discuss the future solutions 
  • Inspiration – the common denominator for our conferences is that you, as a participant, will get tons of inspiring knowledge to enrich and develop your own work with HR and recruitment
  • Quality – our conferences offer high-quality content for professionals within HR, compensation and benefits, management, IT, and finance. We strive to deliver the best of the breed in terms of subjects, speakers, and sponsors.