anders Rene andersen

Anders’ interest in leadership and performance management goes back to his days in the Danish Army as an officer. The focus on how people together can achieve the best results under the best conditions became the starting point for Anders’s following career, where he afterward has worked with all elements within the HR area. In the last four years one of the main focus for Anders has been performance management - or rather performance leadership - and high performance for the organization but also for the organization’s most important resource - the employees. Anders finds it important to focus on how employees can perform in the best and most efficient way without compromising the possibility to still have time for family, friends and spare time activities beside work – the work-life balance.

According to Anders it can be a challenge if performance management only focuses on generating results. The biggest opportunity within performance management is that it can create higher and more valuable performances if it is managed with a balance of being result oriented and at the same have focus on the employees’ working conditions and satisfaction.