Anja Leschly

Anja is Director and Head of People at KPMG Denmark. For more than 20 years, she has worked with HR in places like Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Novozymes, Zacco and now KPMG. This experience gives her a solid footing in the industry from which she plans the future of KPMG’s HR initiatives. She is a firm believer in the strength of digitization and has increasingly committed her own HR department to technology and digital solutions. Her story is one of moving digitization into HR’s core tasks and exploit (and explore) the possibilities of digitization.

When asked about the future of HR, Anja instantly replies: ““Data analytics”. In HR we’re good at collecting data about the employees but we’re not that good at using this data. No technology is better than the data we feed it with so the data quality will be important.” This statement is a testament to Anja’s dedication to working smarter with HR technology.

Presentation: From Old School HR to Technology based HR

Supporting a digital business necessitates using digital tools yourself. This was the mantra when Anja started transforming the HR department at KPMG from having a plethora of papers and binders to getting a comprehensive digital HR solution. In collaboration with external partners and KPMG’s own new-tech department, Anja has been able to tailor and try out innovative digital solutions that optimize HR processes. 

Having a young and technology-savvy workforce, KPMG has been the perfect place to implement and test new digital HR solutions. Most recently, KPMG created a chatbot in collaboration with lawyers Gorrissen Federspiel, which will answer questions about a new holiday-law. HuRa, as the new bot has been dubbed, was created in anticipation of the many questions and concerns employees may raise in relation to the new law. Hear how Anja has driven digital transformation and increased performance on the following subjects:

  • Chatbot innovation – creating a chatbot for questions regarding the new holiday law
  • App enablement of employee self-service, performance management, and talent recruitment
  • Employer branding through social media, gamification and videos
  • Apps for learning and development