Anne Wilhelmine Flagstad

Anne is Head of People and Organization at Telenor with an end to end responsibility for all people processes and HR systems, Facilities, Transformation Programs/ePMO and Change & Methods. She believes in having employee experience (EX) at the core of organizational development and accelerating performance through strength-based development. In this way, Telenor can ensure that its internal processes and HR practices add business value as they enable people and organizations to never stop learning, and continuously deliver something new with impact to our end customers. 

Together with the teams that Anne manages or participates as a team member in, Telenor applies thought leadership to translate business needs into high impact employees, organizational solutions and change processes across functional areas while maintaining a practical approach.

Presentation: Does Your Organization Have the Right Learning Mindset?

Modern organizations require individuals to adapt faster in new job roles, business demands, new responsibilities and, thus, new skill sets to perform successfully now and to be able to deliver in the future. Therefore, the vital question many organizations should ask themselves is this: does your organization have the right learning mindset to support the business strategy? 

How can HR & management support the ongoing and unavoidable digital transformation within your business? How can HR embrace these digital changes, eradicate the fear of changes and navigate so that they are not overwhelmed by the process? In order to succeed and implement the right learning mindset and deliver value to your organization, you need to know how to set yourself up for success and define key action points. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to encourage your employees to take responsibility for their learning and development
  • How to emphasize speed of learning
  • How to create programs that enable employees to rapidly and efficiently gain new and important skills and competencies