Christina Guldhammer

Christina has spent the past 12 years working with performance management in organizations like Maersk, Novo Nordisk and KMD. She has experience from positions as HR & LEAN Partner, Performance Manager, Systems Manager and Business Controller. All enabling her to combine people leadership with business process optimization and digitalization. All of which she uses in her current role as Senior Consultant at Dossier Solutions, offering a digital platform for all competency development.

Her primary mission in work life is to fundamentally change how we perceive and work with performance. For too long, performance has been a pure numbers game all focusing on top-down delegation of anything but meaningful KPIs and targets. But we forget that to perform, you need competence, engagement and focus - all perfectly capable of existing without rigid measurements that are neatly cascaded from top to bottom.

Digital workplace transformation for one underlines the need to shift perspectives and start to look at performance in a more agile and people centric way. Quite often the discussion around digitalization ends up being a principal discussion around how many jobs will disappear over time. About how digital solutions offer more efficient ways of working, improving speed of delivery. That is only part of the story. When digital solutions transform how we work, they also enable us to spend more time on meaningful tasks, where people interaction is at heart. And digital people solutions can support us in our efforts to continuously develop - to the benefit of our customers, society and ourselves.

To succeed in the ever changing world around us, where the pace seems to continuously increase, digital solutions can help us to keep grounded and focused, they can help us to keep on top of our current competencies, so we are certain that we meet quality expectations and requirements. And they can help us outline, what development steps are next.

That's the new performance regime in a digital workplace - the one of continuous learning, where learning goals replace performance goals and where ability to gain oversight and see gaps and potentials enables businesses to stay ahead in their respective fields.