Ditte is CEO and Partner at Oxford Insight, working with cultural and leadership development in a strategic and future-oriented perspective. At Oxford Insight, Ditte Vigsø applies a holistic and insight-driven approach to culture- and leadership development, helping organizations create alignment between business strategy, culture, and leadership behavior. Prior to co-founding Oxford Insight, Ditte Vigsø was CEO at the Danish affiliate of the international consulting company, Great Place to Work.

Presentation: A Digital Transformation From an Inside-Out Perspective

In a time where most organizations try to find their way around the many opportunities offered by digitalization, technological solutions, AI, Big Data etc. it is ever more important to be true to the organizational culture and keep a people first mentality. This includes relating to megatrends, applying transformation from an “inside-out” perspective and relating to your culture and leadership behavior with a future-oriented perspective in mind:

  • What kind of culture do we need in the future?
  • How do we create a culture that embraces and adjusts to change?
  • What kind of leadership behavior is needed now and in the future to shape our desired culture?