Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin is a visionary and a recruitment pioneer, driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR- and recruitment. She has extensive experience from the recruitment field and she operates at the progressive recruitment agency TNG, focusing on unbiased staffing and recruitment. Elin puts her finger on real current challenges and speaks with great enthusiasm about combining the recruitment process with exciting technological solutions.

Presentation: Unbiased Recruitment and the World of Robots

Meet Tengai Unbiased, the World’s first unbiased social robot recruiter.

Bias and prejudice are real problems in recruitment today along with candidate shortage, dysfunctional labor market and exponential change. How do we navigate in a changing recruitment world with a massive flow of new technology, and how do we fulfill candidate demands without disturbing the candidate experience or the result? What can an unbiased robot recruiter add to and reduce from the recruitment process?

Listen to TNG's story of working with unbiased recruitment and the various challenges and experiences along the road. Learn about unconscious bias and how to overcome presumptions and look beyond prejudice. Learn how to focus on potential in recruitment while contributing to a more sustainable labor market. Learn about Candidate demands and giving more power to your process. How can technology be an enabler for unbiased recruitment and what should you be cautious about?

  • The power of unbiased recruitment and how an objective recruitment process needs support from technology
  • Candidate power creates the need for real candidate transparency to bring insight, participation and encourage engagement
  • Meet Tengai Unbiased - the unbiased social robot recruiter, a co-operation between TNG and Furhat Robotics
  • Eth(n)ical algorithms - discriminating code