Gitte hemmingsen

Gitte is the HR Director at Siteimprove, a global, Danish owned tech company that has seen growth rates of +40 % for the past 5 years. When Gitte joined Siteimprove 3 years back, HR was almost non-existent in the fast-growing company and now it is an integral partner to both business and people. Her focus is to think HR with a business-driven mindset – whether it is HR admin, recruiting or strategic functions. Before joining Siteimprove, Gitte worked within line management and HR and she has a long track record from both start-ups, mid-size companies and large corporations.

Presentation - The Benefits of Digitizing Onboarding

Hiring +150 highly skilled employees a year is a daunting task for a global midsize tech company – or any company for that matter. But making sure they are truly onboarded, stay with the company and perform is critical to the business. A peak into the statistics made Siteimprove’s decision of taking a strategic approach to onboarding easy: the cost of losing an employee within the first year was up to 3 times their yearly salary and 30% of all new hires left the company within 3 years. On the positive side 58% of new hires who experienced an onboarding program had a higher chance of retention after three years. With those numbers in mind and a large number of new employees joining every month, Siteimprove decided to take a data driven, strategic approach to onboarding. 

  • Get insights into how to use data to drive onboarding
  • Discover the opportunities strategic and data driven onboarding gives for improving time to ramp up and employee retention