Jesper Brahm Johansen

Jesper is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Ejner Hessel A/S, one of Denmark’s largest auto retailers with 1100+ employees across the country. He pioneered using Facebook ads as a primary recruitment channel and video screening for recruitment purposes. His most recent focus has been on the challenge of securing recruitment and successful onboarding of 180 new employees in 2018. Hear how digital tools have helped the process in innovative and valuable ways.

Presentation: Using Smart Cross-Functional Tools in a Mixed Workforce

At Ejner Hessel, Jesper faces a workforce consisting of 50/50 white- and blue-collar workers with a 10-20% annual growth in workforce over the past 5 years. The combination of a mixed workforce and a high growth rate rendered previous HR communication initiatives inefficient at best. He decided to focus their effort on two particularly salient issues – smart social media recruitment in a market lacking the right candidates, and digital tools for employee communication. These two themes will be at the heart of Jesper’s presentation. They both spring from the realization that the target workforce is mobile savvy.

Facebook has some unique targeting options for ad campaigns. “Why not use those for recruitment purposes?”, Jesper thought. He will present how he has used Facebook to reverse the recruitment process and create a proactive communication with candidates. 

Proactivity and inclusion are also pivotal concepts for the use of the HR app at Ejner Hessel. Jesper realized that internal email chains and employee magazines simply didn’t cut it with a busy workforce spending most of their time away from their computers. However, all employees had a smartphone on them at all times – and were inclined to using it during work hours anyway. From onboarding to retention, development, and general employee communication, it has all been moved to the company HR app. Listen to Jesper’s insights from developing and implementing an app that serves several functions and has a high employee engagement

Key takeaways from his presentation:

  • Learn why social media is a good choice for (almost) any recruitment purpose – and why it may be a bit contentious
  • See how Ejner Hessel use Facebook strategically in their recruitment process
  • Hear how you integrate different business functions and communication needs to the same app
  • Get concrete case-based examples of the challenges and benefits of digitization in a complex organization