Maja Bro Gregersen

Maja is co-founder and CEO of the technology startup Talentree - pioneering talent engagement software.

Professionally Maja has a strong interest in the intersection between organisations, people, technology and psychology. She obsesses about how to best bring the right people and organisations together and how to make both parties prosper. Passionate and curious about the future she wants to champion the positive impact emerging technologies and innovation can have on people, organisations and their relationships.

Maja's experience as a digital native driving digital transformation in global, publicly listed organisations and as a talent acquisition specialist building tech teams for some of the most innovative startups across Europe makes her qualified to bring thoughts on the future of work to the doorstep of companies. In her work, she focuses on the drivers behind the motivation of millennials and what impact technology will have on the workforce. Exponential technologies combined with next-generation workforce calls for organisations to stop and re-evaluate how they do business. What worked yesterday will not bring the results of tomorrow, where digital development and the needs of the millennial workforce will radically impact the way organisations work.