Mathias Iversen

Mathias is Lead Architect at 2BM A/S. With experience from both HR and IT, he offers a unique perspective on today’s HR. No matter which side of the table he has worked from, he has always been lucky to work with his true passion - digitization of HR processes. His aim is to improve the coherence between Human Resources and IT by increasing digitization and standardizing business processes. He finds this task very exciting and also very challenging as we are “slaves to our habits” both in thought and in action. However, the benefits are clear: improved perceived value for all stakeholders, increased efficiency and lower costs for the process in question.

It’s even more important today to evaluate business processes, as the options of customization, optimization and digitization are increasing. This is in part due to the transition from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, which have increased innovation. But it is also due to other trends in the IT landscape like machine learning, predictive analytics, digital boardrooms, video recruitment, Virtual Reality and much more.