Mathias Linnemann

Mathias Linnemann is an X-Googler and now Co-founder and CCO of, a fast-growing marketplace for highly skilled freelancers and consultants that provides an agile workforce for innovative companies. Mathias has a background from Google where he, for 6 years, was responsible for digital transformation of Google's largest portfolio of Tech, Retail and Travel companies in Denmark. He holds a master’s degree in innovation and business development from Tsinghua University in Beijing and Copenhagen business School.

Presentation: The Agile Workforce, Freelancers and Talent-On-Demand

The freelance economy is growing fast and The World Economic Forum estimates that 40% of the European workforce will be freelancers in 2025. This development provides massive opportunities for HR departments to harness the benefits of a highly skilled agile workforce to speed up capabilities in sync with today's rapidly changing business environment. However, the shift from a traditional and static workforce, into an organic and agile workforce presents some challenging implications for HR. To stay competitive, HR will have to embrace this development and turn it into an advantage. But how do you get started and what is the process towards becoming a truly agile company?

  • Learn how Google, Netflix and other successful companies work with HR and the agile workforce
  • Learn how HR can evolve from focusing on FTE's and a "static workforce" to focusing on dynamic resources and agile HR
  • Get to know the Pro's and Con's of using freelancers and how HR can and should lead this transition
  • Learn about the 3 characteristics of an Agile company from an HR perspective