Matt Burns

Matt’s nearly 20-year corporate journey has taken him around the world, supporting companies with operations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & South America. In his previous leadership role, Matt led an HR team that was recognized in 2018 as the Canadian HR Team of the Year - Retail / Hospitality, on the heels of their 2017 for the: ‘Most Innovative Use of HR Technology’. He is Co-Founder & CEO of HR Tech Talks, which democratizes & shares knowledge to an audience of nearly 250,000 global HR professionals, is a Forbes HR Council member & serves in an Advisory capacity with a number of organizations - from Change Management consultancies to HR Technology firms. On October 1st 2018, Matt announced the launch of the Global HR Collective, social enterprise to raise $1M for grassroots charities that support mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs.

Presentation: Converting HR Analytics to Action

HR has the data to draw insights, build business cases & transform our professional function. However, buried under a pile of under-leveraged, often inaccurate data sets, organizations struggle to take meaningful action. 

Matt will shed light on how HR analytics can be converted into action. At his presentation he will discuss the following topics:
  • How to develop an HR Analytics philosophy that drives results & builds alignment (illuminate, don't punish)
  • The 'new' core competencies for successful HR analytics leaders (simplify, curate & tell stories)

Watch Matt tell about his presentations at Nordic HR Tech Days 2019.