Mikkel Hundborg

Mikkel is Head of Strategy and Innovation at GAIS, a platform that helps companies work with employee satisfaction and engagement and drive improvement. He got the vision for GAIS when he saw the possibilities of creating a user-friendly digital platform built on a research-based model to measure well-being at work - freely available to everyone. Mikkel is passionate about enabling organizations to make improvements as a strategic and integrated part of their business and make data and processes tangible and understandable.

Presentation - Democratizing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and well-being is high on the agenda of companies today. It’s increasingly important to be able to attract and keep employees. Engaged employees create strong, competitive businesses. However, many companies do not have a framework for how they work to develop committed and motivated employees.

With GAIS we are democratizing well-being at work by enabling companies with a quality tool for measuring, analyzing and improving. GAIS is a digital, data-driven platform that is open and available to everyone, companies, teams and individuals. Built on years of research, GAIS presents a validated framework and best practice processes for measuring, prioritizing and improving well-being at work. At the presentation, Mikkel will address these themes and share lessons learned from the project work at GAIS. Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • How do you democratize employee engagement?
  • How do you measure employee well-being and motivation?
  • How can you use data to prioritize your efforts and actions?