Morten Møllgaard

Morten is a HR Development Consultant at Telenor Denmark, with a primary focus on connecting, improving, and optimizing HR processes and tasks through digitalization and automation.

The last couple of years Morten has worked with the Employee Experience (EX), making an automated onboarding and welcome solution. He has also focused on automating internal HR processes, e.g. the entire hiring process in Telenor’s HCM system, including having a software robot making the paper contract in Microsoft Word and sending it in Outlook. 

Morten is a humanistic change agent within the organization with an upbringing as a digital native. Notably, he has no programming education but this is exactly a point to be made: the current go-to-market software available is user-friendly enough for everyone with a growth mindset and some tech interest to get started on digitizing and automating their HR processes.