Neelie Verlinden

Neelie is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Digital HR Tech, a leading platform on Digital HR and HR technology. She’s passionate about people, technology, HR and all things Paris. She currently works as Digital Content Manager for Talentsoft. 

Presentation: Internal Communication Tools - Why we should forget they even exist

The workplace is evolving rapidly and with that, the way people communicate with each other. Logistic and geo barriers should no longer pose an obstacle to an organization’s growth and internal  communication process. 21st-century companies and their employees require communication tools that make their everyday lives easier and enable them to work even smarter and more efficient. As such, the best kind of tool is the one we forget about: no issues with the internet connection, adjustments, the sound, the camera, the usability….

In this presentation, we'll have a closer look at the following aspects:

  • What does all this mean for HR? How should a modern HR department interact with candidates and what is the best way to engage with people once they become employees?
  • What is the DNA of best practice for internal communication tools in 2019?
  • Can Workplace by Facebook work as a professional internal communication tool for more than 600 employees?