René Arlander Hald

René is the Product Owner of HR data and analytics at Aarhus University. His job is to understand the organisation and make sure that it is collecting the data needed to support new demands from management and legislators. He has previous experience as a Business Intelligence (BI) consultant and a senior consultant and architect in a large BI consultant agency. There he gained broad experience working with a wide mix of sectors and companies. 

René’s understanding of the technological and design thoughts behind the use of data provides the capacity to identify new opportunities and to challenge the business to rethink old habits. An example of his work is to inspire how to visualize large amounts of data to make the stories tell themselves.

His primary passion has always been to use data for value creation and better decision-making. To succeed it is important that we always remember that behind the large amount of data, we have real people. The sensitive nature of HR data demands that we treat it with respect and are honest about the usage.

Ultimately, he wants to move people away from wasting a lot of time generating reports and instead using that time to act upon the knowledge they gain.