Richard Justenhoven

Richard Justenhoven is a leading organizational psychologist and an acknowledged expert in the design and implementation of online gamified assessments. He oversees the creation of client solutions that stem from technological innovations and the application of business psychology and practical workplace research. Richard is currently pursuing a PhD in artificial intelligence at the Free University in Berlin, Germany.

Presentation: Gamification and Its Role in Talent Assessment

The world of talent assessment is at the height of innovation, with many disruptive technologies driving a change to a new frontier in how we assess our candidates and employees. Gamification is one of the hottest technologies when it comes to assessing talent. Richard T. Justenhoven, will in this track session talk about the role of gamification in talent assessment and how to integrate gamification technology in a recruitment process whilst maintaining precise and fair assessment of talent. 

But how do applicants perceive this move towards gamification? What do they want? You may wonder if games should be used at all in your recruitment. Or be concerned about being left behind if other companies are doing it and you’re not. What are the real risks of gamifying - and not gamifying - talent assessment?
  • Do we need gamification in assessment solutions?
  • Pros and cons of using gamification in talent assessment
  • How to implement gamification into your talent assessment strategy