Rikke damgaard

Rikke is a digital communication advisor specialized in employee advocacy. She is the author of the Danish book: "Giv ordet til medarbejderne". Damgaard has 16 years of experience with practical and strategic work in online branding, marketing and communication. In September 2014, she was awarded for the Best Text in Social Media on behalf of Falck, a global leader in emergency services.

Presentation: People Listen to People – Not to Companies or Brands

Studies show that we have lost confidence in the established communication channels. And with the rise of social media word-of-mouth is stronger than ever before. As a result, companies and organizations should engage their employees in its digital communication to maintain a strong brand position in the minds of customers, fans or new employees.

  • What motivates employees to become brand storytellers? 
  • What key points do you need to consider in order to create a strategy that suits both your business and your employees? 
  • And how do you ensure that your employees remain committed to the employee advocacy program in the future?