Åsa Daxberg

Åsa is Director of talent attraction and recruitment in ICA Gruppen. She has a background in business strategy and change management but has been in the recruitment and employer branding area since 2009. In 2014, Åsa found that candidate experience was unknown in Sweden. She explored the topic, started as a consultant in the field and wrote a book about it; “Happy Talent – rekrytering som marknadsföring”, together with Ann Wijkström. The book was nominated to be one of the best HR books in Sweden in 2015.

Presentation: Candidate experience as a brand builder

Today, candidate experience is well known, and everyone agrees on the value of it. Still, a recruitment process tends to cause more harm than good to your employer brand, to your long-term ability to attract talent and to your business. Why is it that the principles of marketing, so well known to an organization, are so hard to apply to the market of competence and talent? No marketing and sales manager would allow the marketing investments go down the drain during the sales process. How important is candidate experience compared to customer experience? How come a marketing and sales department view the contact with a customer as a relation when a candidate ends up being treated as a transaction?

Åsa explores the similarities and differences between recruitment and marketing and points to principles and well-established working models in marketing that could, and maybe should be used to attract and recruit talent. She will share insights and easy-to-use advice for you to bring back home.