Hung Lee

Hung Lee is the founder of – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers. He is an industry professional with over 15 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer and strategic adviser for rapid growth businesses in the London Tech Startup scene. Now CEO of an award-winning online recruiting platform, Hung has been at the forefront in developing and promoting new ways in which companies can connect to talent. He also curates Recruiting Brainfood ( – popular weekly newsletter for the talent industry. 

Presentation: What recruiters can learn from software engineers?

Why doesn’t recruitment, scale? Wouldn’t be it great if hiring 1000 people required the same processes and systems to hire 1? Hung Lee explores what we can learn from the world of software development, where building scalable systems have been a core tenet of software engineering for the past decade. We will learn about modular design, de-coupling, multi-directionality and subroutines and show examples of where these principles have been applied to create "scalable recruiting".