Jakob Scharf

Jakob Scharf is former Director General of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET). He resigned in 2014 in order to pursue a career within the private sector and he is now the executive director of CERTA Intelligence & Security, which is a consultancy company providing intelligence, analysis and security advice for private corporations.

Presentation: Do you really know who you are recruiting – and can they be trusted?

The employees are the company’s most essential assets. But the employees are also the company’s biggest vulnerability because of their privileged knowledge about the company and access to the company’s sensitive information. The disloyal employee can cause the company considerable damage.

For a liable company, it is central that they take care partly to secure that you know who you are hiring and partly to examine if you can trust the person. Lacking care could not only have an economic damaging effect, but it could also damage the company’s public reputation.

More and more companies use background checks when they are hiring new employees. The purpose with the checks is to secure that all information, that is relevant for the evaluation of the person, to the extent possible is provided.

CERTA Intelligence & Security, which control researchers, analysts and advisers, who have previously worked in national intelligence and security services, has through the last three years assisted companies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway relating to the execution of the background checks at the hiring of new employees. 

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of when the background checks are relevant.
  • An insight into the different kinds of background checks, what they cover and how they are used. 
  • Knowledge about how the background checks are executed as well as the special conditions you should be aware of in relation to the background checks.