Nicolas blier-silvestri

Over the past 15 years, Nico has lived and worked in France, Canada, The Netherlands, India, Ireland, the US and Denmark. He has a background in building efficient and successful Talent Attraction teams (Trustpilot, Falcon Social, Unity, Revolut). Currently talent Acquisition at Peakon he builds one of the most exciting HR-Tech organisation. Nico Advises start-ups on Recruitment, HR and building Culture and has been a speaker at LinkedIn Talent Connect, Login and Unite.

Nico has helped build Trustpilot, and Unity Technology, building recruitment dept and hiring over 1000 employees globally.
  • Trustpilot grew from 40 to 350 employee, opening offices in London and NYC over the course of 2 years.
  • hired 160 Falconeers between Copenhagen, Berlin and NYC in less than a year.
  • Unity brought in 520 talents in 2 years over 10 locations in EMEA.


Learn about the process from external recruitment to internal.

  • How did those companies build their recruitment organisation?
  • What made sense to Revolut/Unity/Falcon/Trustpilot? 
  • And more importantly, the future: How to adapt and follow trends in order to keep the highest standards of quality in terms of hires, candidate experience and hiring manager skills? 
  • What’s the next step in terms of recruitment and which skills are required of the modern recruiter?
  • Get insights into why none of the organisations used personality tests.
  • Learn about people aggregators and why they should be a part of the recruiter toolbox.
  • Learn how to build a successful recruitment organisation (Lean, Fast, Cost Efficient).