What mythology is the Kane Chronicles?

The Kane Chronicles is a trilogy of adventure and Egyptian mythological fiction books written by American author Rick Riordan. The series is set in the same universe as Riordan’s other franchises, Camp Half-Blood Chronicles and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Is the Kane Chronicles related to Percy Jackson?

Yes, they are both written by Rick Riordan and are related to Gods but Kane Chronicles follows its own story independent from Percy Jackson series but in the first book there is a slight mention of some other Gods residing over New York.

What mythology has Rick Riordan?

He is known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, about a teenager named Percy Jackson who discovers he is a son of the Greek god Poseidon.

Rick Riordan
Language English
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Texas at San Antonio
Genre Fantasy detective fiction mythology

Is Percy Jackson a main character in the Kane Chronicles?

That’s the idea behind Riordan’s new short story, “The Son of Sobek,” in which the protagonist of the “Heroes of Olympus” series, Percy Jackson, and the main character of the ” Kane Chronicles,” Carter Kane, will team up.

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Is Riordan’s Percy Jackson a myth?

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is based on Rick Riordan’s book, which in turn is based on Greek mythology, and the film’s star, Logan Lerman, walked us through the real myths behind the movie. Lerman spoke with us exclusively by phone this week. The film opens today.

What is set’s secret name?

Set. Set’s secret name, as told by Zia, is Evil Day.

Does Carter ever meet Percy?

In their first encounter, demigod Percy Jackson and magician Carter Kane had to battle a giant crocodile on Long Island. A month later, Annabeth Chase ran into Carter’s sister, Sadie, on the A train to Rockaway, where the pair fought a god named Serapis. Now trouble is brewing again, this time on Governor’s Island.

Is Magnus Chase pansexual?

Magnus Chase is a pansexual character from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Is Percy in Magnus chase?

Annabeth and Percy also make cameos in the Magnus Chase series, since Magnus is Annabeth’s cousin.

Why did Annabeth kill Percy?

Annabeth used her cap to hide Percy from them in hopes that Percy’s smell will hide her and Grover’s sent. During the fight, Annabeth convinces Percy to kill her as she knows he has the better weapon and because Medusa hates her and her mother, Athena.

Does Annabeth cheat on Percy?

So yeah, Annabeth cheated on Percy and broke his heart. Camp turned against him and now he was kidnapped.

Is there a sixth Percy Jackson book?

Camp Half Blood – Information/The Books: The sixth Percy Jackson book in the series!

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What was Nico di Angelo’s secret?

In The House of Hades, Nico is forced by Cupid to reveal that he had had a crush on Percy Jackson. This reveals that he is homosexual.

Who is the main villain in Kane Chronicles?

Apophis is the overarching main villain of The Kane Chronicles book series by Rick Riordan.

How old is Nico di Angelo?

Nico di Angelo
Current Age 15
Gender Boy
Family Hades – Father Maria di Angelo – Mother Hazel Levesque – Half-Sister
Hair Color Black


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