Who was mentor in the Odyssey?

In the Odyssey, Mentor (Greek: Μέντωρ, Méntōr; gen.: Μέντορος) was the son of Alcimus. In his old age Mentor was a friend of Odysseus. When Odysseus left for the Trojan War, he placed Mentor and Eumaeus ( Odysseus ‘ swineherd) in charge of his son Telemachus, and of Odysseus ‘ palace.

Where did the term mentor come from?

The word mentor as a noun comes from the generalisation of the characteristics of Mentor, in the Odyssey, when he was impersonated by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. In English, nouns frequently become verbs and vice versa (for example, to boycott).

Is Telemachus a mentor to Odysseus?

Homer’s The Odyssey chronicles Odysseus’s journey home in the years following the Trojan War. As he is making his way back, the goddess Athena appears to his son, Telemachus, in the form of an old family friend, Mentor, to offer him support and guidance in his father’s absence.

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Why does Athena disguise herself as mentor?

In Book One, Athena disguises herself as the trusted family friend Mentes. She hopes that as Mentes, she can convince Telemachus to hold an assembly and rebuke his mother’s suitors. She also wants to convince Telemachus to commission a boat and crew to search Hellas for his father Odysseus or news of his fate.

What is another name for Mentor?

What is another word for mentor?

coach teacher
guide instructor
tutor adviser
consultant guru
master trainer


Was Athena a mentor?

Athena, goddess of War and patroness of the arts and industry, assumes the form of Mentor and accompanies Telemachus on his quest. Father and son reunite and cast down would-be usurpers of Odysseus’ throne and Telemachus’s birthright. The word Mentor evolved to mean trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person.

What are the three A’s of mentorship?

Mentors help mentee learn new skills and knowledge. The mentoring process has three simple steps.

  • Step 1: – Investigate.
  • Step 2: – Identify.
  • Step 3: – Plan.

What does the word mentor mean?

: someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. mentor. verb. English Language Learners Definition of mentor (Entry 2 of 2): to teach or give advice or guidance to (someone, such as a less experienced person or a child): to act as a mentor for (someone)

What is the real definition of mentor?

A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.

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What does Mentor mean in Greek?

(mĕn′tôr′, -tər) 1. A wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 2. Mentor Greek Mythology Odysseus’s trusted counselor, in whose guise Athena became the guardian and teacher of Telemachus.

Who does Penelope marry in the Odyssey?

Penelope is married to the main character, the king of Ithaca, Odysseus (Ulysses in Roman mythology), and daughter of Icarius of Sparta and Periboea (or Polycaste). She only has one son with Odysseus, Telemachus, who was born just before Odysseus was called to fight in the Trojan War.

Is Telemachus a God?

Telemachus, in Greek mythology, son of the Greek hero Odysseus and his wife, Penelope. When Telemachus reached manhood, he visited Pylos and Sparta in search of his wandering father. According to later tradition, Telemachus married Circe (or Calypso) after Odysseus’ death.

Who does Athena disguise herself as in Book 6?

Summary: Book 6 That night, Athena appears in a dream to the Phaeacian princess Nausicaa, disguised as her friend.

How did Athena disguise herself?

In Book I, the Goddess Athena disguises herself as Mentes, an old family friend of Odysseus, when she goes to visit his son, Telemachus. Athena, disguised as him, tells Telemachus that he is sailing to the city of Temese with his own crew, claiming that he is in search of copper.

How did Penelope trick the suitors?

Many suitors had come to woo “the widow”. She put them off with a ruse, persuading them to wait until she had finished a funeral shroud for Laertes, Odysseus’s father, which she wove by day and secretly unravelled by night. In this way she managed to deceive them for three years.

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