Who is helius son of Perseus?

Heleus was one of the sons of Perseus and Andromeda. He was the brother of Perses, Alcaeus, Sthenelus, Electryon, Mestor, Cynurus, Gorgophone and Autochthe.

What happened to the son of Perseus?

Heleus Son of Perseus Having completed his adventures, Perseus had settled down, becoming king of Mycenae and Tiryns, with Andromeda as his queen.

Is Perseus the son of Zeus?

Perseus, in Greek mythology, the slayer of the Gorgon Medusa and the rescuer of Andromeda from a sea monster. Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danaƫ, the daughter of Acrisius of Argos.

Why did Perseus kill Medusa?

Perseus desired to marry Andromeda, who had been promised to marry Phineus. Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn Phineus into stone. Perseus and Andromeda returned to see King Polydectes and set his mother free. Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn Polydectes into stone.

Why can’t the Gorgons see Perseus?

Gorgons were monsters with snakes in their hair. If anyone looked in a Gorgon’s eyes they turned to stone. Perseus found a Gorgon called Medusa. Perseus put on his cap so that Medusa could not see him.

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Who killed Perseus?

According to Hyginus, Fabulae 244, Megapenthes eventually killed Perseus, to avenge the death of his father.

Who is Poseidon’s son?

Triton, in Greek mythology, a merman, demigod of the sea; he was the son of the sea god, Poseidon, and his wife, Amphitrite. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Triton dwelt with his parents in a golden palace in the depths of the sea.

How does Zeus die?

Zeus kills him with his thunderbolt. It is said that later Zeus brings him back and orders him not to bring back anyone from the dead without his permission. Hope my answer helps!

How did Hercules die?

Hercules Dies By Poison As their marriage progressed, Deianira eventually became jealous of a young maiden whom she thought had captured Hercules interest. Hercules was in so much agony after he took the potion that he wished he were dead. Hercules eventually died and after he did, his mortal portion perished.

Is Poseidon Perseus father?

Perseus is the half-brother of Hercules as well as his great-grandfather. However, Perseus was a demigod son of Zeus, as opposed to Percy Jackson who is the demigod son of Poseidon. He is a cousin to Percy because his father, Zeus, is the brother of Percy’s father, Poseidon.

Did Percy Jackson kill Medusa?

After a brief struggle, Percy defeats Medusa by severing her head with Riptide, his celestial bronze sword, using a polished bronze ball as a mirror. Later in the book, Percy gives Medusa’s severed head to his mother, Sally Jackson.

Is Percy Jackson on Netflix?

Yes you can watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief on Netflix. You can use the Netflix app on your phone, computer, SmartTV or whatever other way you access Netflix to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief streaming online.

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Why did Athena punish Medusa?

If Athena were to hold Poseidon accountable for his transgressions against her, the goddess’ father, Zeus, would have to punish him. Athena knew that Poseidon lusted after Medusa, this was made evident by his ravishing her. So to get back at him, Athena cursed Medusa so that Poseidon couldn’t seduce him anymore.

What is the moral of Medusa?

The Moral, Message Medusa was the only mortal of the three. She used to be beautiful. She originally lived in celibacy. However being wooed by Poseidon she forgot her vows and married him.

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