What does Lex Luthor represent?

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Lex Luthor is one of the most iconic villains in the DC universe, second perhaps only to the Joker. If the Joker represents our collective fears of chaos and anarchy disrupting modern society, Luthor represents our fear of the rich and the powerful.

What mental illness does Lex Luthor have?

Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor, Mental Illness And Me. My name is Murphy, and I have a neurological disability. This disability — temporal lobe epilepsy — comes with a couple of friends: undiagnosed ADHD and something called Geschwind syndrome.

Who is Lex Luthor based on?

As John Byrne noted to Daily Beast, “Of course, Donald Trump was our model.” The basic concept for Luthor being a really rich guy instead of an evil scientist came from Marv Wolfman, who had used a similar approach to a revamp of Vandal Savage in the early 1980s.

Why does Lex Luthor hate kryptonians?

Luthor hates Superman because he can’t stand the fact that an ALIEN came out of nowhere and usurped his position in Metropolis. He’s also threatened because he sees himself as a superior specimen so Clark kind of makes him less than average, which he cannot abide. Because Superman is an Alien.

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What powers does Lex Luthor have?

Lex Luthor
Abilities Genius-level intellect Criminal mastermind Proficient engineer with exceptional technological prowess Via high-tech warsuit: Superhuman strength, speed and durability Energy projection Force fields Flight Advanced weaponry (often incorporating kryptonite) Wields kryptonite ring

What’s Lex Luthor’s IQ?

Lex Luthor’s IQ is estimated to be 225, which is very impressive. Batman’s is 192, while Albert Einstein’s is thought to be between 160 and 180. So, Batman has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein, but Lex Luthor has a higher IQ than Batman.

Why is Lex Luthor so obsessed with Superman?

Because Lex Luthor is a narcissistic, amoral, sociopathic predator that thinks the world revolves around him, and is jealous of Superman because the people idolize Superman and not him.

What did Lex Luthor do to General Zod?

In Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor creates Doomsday using his own DNA, that of the dead General Zod (an alien from Krypton you may remember as the bad guy from Man of Steel) and Kryptonian technology. But this origin diverges from the comic books.

Is Lex Luthor a sociopath?

A notorious sociopath and xenophobe in almost every one of his incarnations—be it scientist, businessman or even the President of the United States— Luthor always uses his power and influence not to help mankind, but to attempt to destroy the one man on the planet who makes him feel insignificant: Superman.

Why is Lex Luthor evil?

Superman’s very existence cheapens Luthor’s. Luthor must prove he is the greatest man who ever lived, so he must do the impossible — he must make a god bleed. That is how/why Lex Luthor is evil; he personifies all that is right with humanity and all that is wrong with it.

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Is Lex Luthor richer than Bruce?

Originally Answered: Whose richer, Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne. On a site, The Forbes Fictional Fifteen, Bruce Wayne is listed as 6th “most rich ”, having a net worth of 6.3 billion dollars. Lex Luthor is right underneath as 7th, with a net worth of 4.7 billion dollars.

Why did Lex Luthor become evil?

Lex became irredeemably evil toward the end of Season 7 in an episode that literally went into his mind. He hunted down the personification of the last remnant of good in him (his child self) and strangled it to death. That was his point of no return.

How did Lex Luthor die?

Lex died when Oliver used Winslow Schott’s bomb to murder him in a nasty truck explosion. Lex’s clone gets choked by Clark. However, ” Lex ” died because of the clone’s mutated body. It was revealed that Earth-2 Lex Luthor was killed by his adopted brother Clark Luthor.

Is Lex Luthor a good guy?

He is most certainly a bad guy, though he is one of the much better ones. 52 was a weekly series where Lex played a considerable role. He granted normal people superpowers, which appears to be a good thing but only from the outside. Lex assembles his own team of superpowered people.

Is Lena Luthor evil?

Cassandra Lee Morris voices Lena Luthor in the premiere of the 2019 DC Super Hero Girls TV series. She is again depicted both as the sister of Lex Luthor and as a villain, this time as a child. Her villainous ways in this version are not because of her brother, but in spite of him, and every other teenager.

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