How do you kill the Titans in Age of Mythology?

They said the best way to kill a Titan is to send waves of units.

How do you counter war elephants AOM?

Like all cavalry, War Elephants are weaker against infantry, but due to their fair hack armor and massive hit point total, only a large group of infantrymen will prevail against them. The best way to defeat these mighty units is to use anti-cavalry units such as the Katapeltes.

Can you heal Titan Age of Mythology?

Titan also take bonus damage from Heroes and cannot be healed by anything, except for the Mythic Rejuvenation technology granted by Hekate. They are considered myth units and benefit from any technologies that improve all Myth Units (such as Monstrous Rage), or all units (such as Bacchanalia).

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What are they saying in Age of Mythology?

Pame!: Let’s go! Proseche!: Careful! eis Machin!: To the battle! eisvoli: Invasion!

How do I get better at Age of Mythology?

Build as many villagers as you can get, and put them each on Food detail. Start with bushes, hunted animals and herded animals. Don’t build farms yet, they’re slower and cost resources to build. Get to 400 food and advance to the Classical Age.

How do you beat Titan AI?

The easiest way is to turtle, tower up (Crenellations would be useful) wall up but leave a small gap (the AI is dumb and will try and move all its units through the gap) and mass archers.

How did people counter war elephants?

The easiest counter to Elephants has to be the Halberdier. They deal a whopping 66 damage per hit. However, they ‘re quite weak themselves, so they die after only dealing 2 strikes. As long as you send your Halberdiers in groups to fight Elephants, you should be able to easily counter them.

Did Persia use elephants?

Persians used war elephants at the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC. The Persians had 15 Indian-trained war elephants, which were placed at the centre of the Persian line, and they made such an impression on the Macedonian troops that Alexander felt the need to sacrifice to the God of Fear the night before the battle.

How do you counter camels in Age of Empires 2?

Overall, the most cost-effective counters to camels are halberdiers, arbalests, hand cannons, and heavy scorpions. Camels have no base pierce armor, so they are quite vulnerable to arrow fire.

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What is the strongest unit in Age of Mythology?

The Titan (also a myth unit ) is the strongest useable unit in the game. Titans can only be summoned by researching “The Secrets of the Titans” in the mythic age.

How many levels are in Age of Mythology Titans?

In the new single-player campaign, entitled The New Atlantis, there are twelve scenarios. The campaign begins ten years after the sinking of Atlantis and focuses on Kastor, son of Arkantos.

How do you cheat in Age of Mythology?

To activate these cheats, press ENTER during gameplay, then put in the cheat, then press ENTER again.

  1. JUNK FOOD NIGHT: 1000 food.
  2. TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE: 1000 wood.
  3. ATM OF EREBUS: 1000 gold.
  4. LAY OF THE LAND: Show map.
  6. THRILL OF VICTORY: Win game.
  7. L33T SUPA H4X0R: Faster build.

How many levels are in Age of Mythology?

Unlike the campaign modes in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology only has one central campaign, Fall of the Trident. The campaign is significantly longer than campaigns in previous games, with a total of 32 scenarios.

What language do the Atlanteans speak in Age of Mythology?

What language did they use to represent Atlantean language? or something else? Well, based on the original myth of Atlantis by Pliny the Elder or whoever, the Atlanteans were a Greek people that probably spoke Greek.

What is the meaning of AOM in Greek?

This article is about the civilization in Age of Mythology. The Greeks are a culture in Age of Mythology. They can be considered the default culture and are the first encountered in the game’s campaign.

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