Is Argos a Greek god?

Argus Panoptes or Argos was a hundred-eyed giant in Greek mythology. He was a giant, the son of Arestor, whose name “Panoptes” meant “the all-seeing one”. He was a servant of Hera; one of the tasks that were given to him was to slay the fearsome monster Echidna, wife of Typhon, which he successfully completed.

What is Argos known for?

Argos was famous for its horses. One of the legends of Argos was that of the famed Medusa-slayer Perseus, who flew on the winged horse Pegasus in his defeat of a sea monster. Pheidon was the King of Argos in the 7th Century B.C. and gained fame for his war expertise.

What does Argos mean in Greek mythology?

(är′gəs) 1. Greek Mythology A giant with 100 eyes who was made guardian of Io and was later slain by Hermes. 2. An alert or watchful person; a guardian.

Who is Argus the son of?

Argus, eldest son of Phrixus and Chalciope (Iophassa), and husband of Perimele, daughter of Admetus and Alcestis. By her, he became the father of Magnes, the father of Hymenaios. Argus, son of Jason and Medea.

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Why did Argos die?

As Odysseus approaches his home, he finds Argos lying neglected on a pile of cow manure, infested with ticks, old and very tired. Unable to greet his beloved dog, as this would betray who he really was, Odysseus passes by (but not without shedding a tear) and enters his hall, and Argos dies.

Who kills Argos?

To free Io, Zeus had Argus slain by Hermes. The messenger of the Olympian gods, disguised as a shepherd, first put all of Argus’ eyes asleep with spoken charms, then slew him by hitting him with a stone, the first stain of bloodshed among the new generation of gods.

Does Argos mean lazy?

Ancient Greek had a good ironic pun in the two adjectives ARGOS, one meaning “quick, agile, swift,” the other “idle, lazy.”

What is someone from Argos called?

An Important Ancient Greek Polis Located by the Gulf of Argolis, Argos (Ἄργος) is an important polis of Greece in the southern section, the Peloponnese, specifically, in the area called the Argolid. The inhabitants were known as Ἀργεῖοι (Argives), a term that is sometimes used for all the Greeks.

What was Argos called before Argos?

Argos Limited, trading as Argos, is a catalogue retailer operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland, acquired by Sainsbury’s supermarket chain in 2016. It was established in November 1972 and is named after the Greek city of Argos. Argos (retailer)

Trade name Argos
Parent Sainsbury’s


Who is the slayer of Argos?

Argus was appointed by the goddess Hera to watch the cow into which Io (Hera’s priestess) had been transformed, but he was slain by Hermes, who is called Argeiphontes, “ Slayer of Argus,” in the Homeric poems.

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How did Argos fall?

However, in 272 BCE the city fell under the rule of pro-Macedonian tyrants. Argos then abandoned its isolationist policy and became a member of the Achaean League (c. 281-146 BCE), a confederation of city-states in the north and central Peloponnese.

What was Argos religion?

The polis of Argos is known through history for its polytheistic religion, its superb athletes, and the art that was performed impeccably. Statues of athletes and gods/goddesses are sculpted realistically and are envied by other ancient Greek civilizations.

Is Argus in the Twisting Nether?

Argus is the original homeworld of the eredar, now located within the Twisting Nether. It was once described as a utopian world whose inhabitants were both vastly intelligent and highly gifted in magic.

What does Argus symbolize?

Answer: Argos is a symbol of loyalty. Argos is Odysseus’s old dog. When Odysseus returned from his 10 years of wandering in the ocean, Argos was the first to recognize his master.

Is Argus an Elder God?

Storyline. Argus is the most powerful of the Edenian Gods. Due to visions of a future apocalypse caused by the growing number of fighters spawned from the Mortal Kombat tournament, as seen by his wife Delia, he was assigned by the Elder Gods to come up with a solution to prevent this from happening.

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