What mythology is Oberon from?

Oberon (/ˈoʊbərɒn/) is a king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature. He is best known as a character in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which he is King of the Fairies and spouse of Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

What kind of person is Oberon?

Oberon, the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is a powerful strong-willed character that believes he can do whatever he wants and who knows how to get his way. He and his wife, Titania, are in conflict over her adopted Indian boy whom Oberon wants to turn into his personal henchman.

What type of fairy is Oberon?

Oberon, French Alberon, German Alberich, king of the elves, or of the “faerie,” in the French medieval poem Huon de Bordeaux. In this poem Oberon is a dwarf-king, living in the woodland, who by magic powers helps the hero to accomplish a seemingly impossible task.

What did Oberon do Titania?

After her dancing and revelry, Titania falls asleep by the stream bank. Oberon creeps up on her and squeezes the flower’s juice onto her eyelids, chanting a spell, so that Titania will fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking. Oberon departs, and Lysander and Hermia wander into the glade.

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Do Titania and Oberon have children?

She is married to Oberon, the King, and has two sons by him called Puck – her eldest son and also the heir to the throne of Faerie, and Mustardseed.

Who is Oberon in love with?

Oberon is jealous and decides to seek revenge on his Queen when she refuses to give the boy to him. Oberon enlists his servant Puck to help him play a trick on Titania. They cause her to fall in love with Bottom, a player who has been bewitched into having the head of a donkey.

Why does Oberon want the boy?

Oberon just wants the boy because the boy is very “beautiful.” For whatever reason, that makes him want the boy to be a “knight of his train.” This means that he wants the boy to be one of his followers. It appears that Oberon and Titania are just using the boy as an excuse to quarrel.

Is Oberon selfish?

On the one hand, he is the jealous, demanding husband and a selfish being who does not care that he has disturbed the weather with all his marital quarrels and jealousies; on the other hand, he is romantic and concerned about the human beings, ensuring that Helena captures Demetrius and the other humans are paired as

Why did Titania give Oberon the child?

Why does Titania give Oberon the child? She cares for him no longer now that she has Bottom to dote on.

Is PUCK Oberon’s son?

Puck is over 4000 years old being the eldest son of Oberon and Titania and older brother of Mustardseed. He is heir to the throne of Faerie and so is given the title ‘Crown Prince’.

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What is Oberon famous for?

Oberon is known for its two inns, the Big Trout Motor Inn and the Highlands Motor Inn. South of the town is Lake Oberon, Oberon Dam and the Fish River. There is a picnic area at the dam and a reserve with walking tracks near the lake.

Is PUCK a fairy?

Puck, in medieval English folklore, a malicious fairy or demon. In Old and Middle English the word meant simply “demon.” In Elizabethan lore he was a mischievous, brownielike fairy also called Robin Goodfellow, or Hobgoblin.

Why is Oberon so angry?

Oberon is angry with Titania because she refuses to give him a sweet Indian boy upon whom she dotes. Titania refuses to let the boy go because his mother was a close friend of hers, and when she died in childbirth, Titania agreed to raise her son.

Does Titania give Oberon the boy?

Oberon wants the boy for himself but Titania won’t give him up. Oberon therefore plans revenge. He orders his servant, Puck, to fetch a magical flower.

Why does Titania want to keep the child?

According to the Queen of the Fairies, her good friend died in childbirth and Titania has agreed to raise the boy out of love for his mother. She agrees to turn the Changeling Boy over to Oberon, but only because she’s distracted with her false love for Bottom.

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