What is heimdall the god of?

In Norse mythology, Heimdallr is a god who keeps watch for invaders and the onset of Ragnarök from his dwelling Himinbjörg, where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets the sky. He is attested as possessing foreknowledge and keen senses, particularly eyesight and hearing.

Who guards the Bifrost Bridge?

Called the shining god and whitest skinned of the gods, Heimdall dwelt at the entry to Asgard, where he guarded Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. He required less sleep than a bird, could see 100 leagues, and could hear grass growing in the meadows and wool growing on sheep.

Who is the Norse god of protection?

In Norse mythology, Eir (Old Norse ” protection, help, mercy”) is a goddess or valkyrie associated with medical skill.

Is heimdall Aesir or Vanir?

Heimdall was a Vanir birthed by nine mothers, the Nine Goddesses (personifying the sea). He was to be married with Siriana of the Aesir.

Is heimdall Thor’s brother?

But did you know that in the comics, Heimdall and Sif are actually brother and sister? As mentioned above, Heimdall and Sif are based on Norse gods, just like Thor. Heimdall is derived from Heimdallr, who, much like his Marvel counterpart, guards Asgard’s Bifrost against invaders.

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Is heimdall older than Thor?

So, the short answer is- in the MCU- Heimdall is neither Odin’s son nor Thor’s brother. He is also not Sif’s brother as in both the comics and the mythology. Other notables are that Hela was actually Loki’s daughter, not Odin’s.

Who is Thor’s BFF?

Thor’s allies include Odin Borson, his father and King of the Asgardians; his mother and Earth Goddess Gaea; and his stepmother Frigga. His best friends include Sif (whom he has intermittent romances with), Balder, and the Warriors Three: Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg the Enormous.

Did heimdall see Thanos coming?

While Heimdall was shown capable of hearing Asgardians call him across the universe and even share his visions with Thor, since the very first Thor movie, he also failed to spot upcoming threats by allowing Frost Giants to sneak into Asgard and even failing to see Thanos and his ship arriving in Avengers: Infinity War.

What race is Heimdall?

Heimdall is described as all-seeing and all-hearing and is the sole protector of the Bifröst in Asgard. Heimdall (character)

Species Asgardian
Place of origin Asgard
Notable aliases Donald Velez, Ezra
Abilities Superhuman strength, endurance, and longevity Superhuman hearing and vision Teleportation

Who is the God of revenge?

Goddess of retribution
Member of the Oceanides
Nemesis, by Alfred Rethel (1837)
Other names Rhamnousia


Who is the most powerful Viking god?

Here is a description of the twelve most important gods, and the main goddess Frigg: Odin (Old Norse: Óðinn ) is the most powerful and most wise God. Odin is there Allfather, the nose god, the Governor of the Asgard.

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Who is the weakest Norse god?

Loki in my opinion is the weakest God in Norse mythology. Even though in pure power and strength Loki is one of the most powerful gods,and son of Odin, and the champion of Ragnarok! He is a traitor to Asgard. He shows weak character, and is weakened by his inability to resist ultimate power.

Is heimdall Odin’s son?

Heimdall himself is, like so many of the Norse deities, a son of Odin. In a feat possible for gods but not for biological creatures, he was born from no less than nine mothers.

Is Loki Aesir or Vanir?

Loki is a jötunn, and Njörðr is a Vanir hostage, but they are often ranked among the Æsir.

Did heimdall kill Loki?

Loki and Heimdall kill each other The rivalry comes to a head in Ragnarok when Heimdall kills Loki.

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