Who made the Valar?

Those of the Ainur who felt concern for the Creation entered it, and became the Valar and the Maiar, the guardians of Creation. The Vala Melkor claimed the Earth for himself. His brother, Manwë, and several other Valar decided to confront him. Melkor fell into evil and became known as Morgoth, the dark enemy.

What is Valar LOTR?

The Valar (Quenya; singular Vala) were the Powers of Arda who shaped and rule the world. They lived on the Western continent of Aman.

What did the Valar create?

Eventually, and with the aid of the Vala Tulkas, who entered Arda last, Melkor was temporarily overthrown, and the Valar began shaping the world and creating beauty to counter the darkness and ugliness of Melkor’s discordant noise.

What was melkor God of?

Melkor was the most powerful of the Ainur, but turned to darkness and was renamed Morgoth, the definitive antagonist of Arda from whom all evil in the world of Middle-earth ultimately stems.

Is Sauron an elf?

Originally Answered: Is Sauron an elf? No Sauron is not an elf, elves are the firstborn children of iluvatar but Sauron is a maia an angelic being that has existed before the universe was even created. He’s a divine spirit that existed long before the creation of Eä but turned to evil when Morgoth corrupted him.

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Why is Sauron an eye?

Sauron wanted powerful Elves on his side so he forged the Rings of Power. He gave the rings to various Elves, Dwarves, and Men as he referred to himself as the “Lord of Gifts”. He also lost his physical form and from then on, Sauron manifested as an Eye.

Is Legolas older than Gandalf?

Gandalf has a younger form in Middle-Earth who is appeared to be about 60 but in reality he is 2019 making him older than Middle-Earth. Legolas was not born in TA 87, that date was made up for a reference book to the films. Unlike Legolas the amount of time that Gandalf spent in Middle-earth is actually known.

Who is the most powerful Valar?

Melkor/Morgoth was the most powerful of the Valar. Second to him is Manwe, King of Valinor, leader of the Valar who did not fall into darkness as Morgoth did. Manwe, Lord of the Air sees far, and winds and great Eagles are at his call.

Is Tom Bombadil God?

Tom Bombadil is an incarnation of Arda, or perhaps a steward of Arda, or of Middle Earth. He’s a “Mother Earth”/”Father Time” figure of sorts.

Is the Arkenstone a silmaril?

The Arkenstone was a Silmaril, probably the one thrown into a fiery pit by Maedhros, and found its way (geologically?) to the north, to be rediscovered by the Khazad of Erebor. Tolkien wrote that the two lost Silmarils would remain lost until the end of Arda. It is not a Silmaril.

Can Valar create life?

The Valar can create things like mountains, just as Morgoth, but they can ‘t create life either.

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Who was Gandalf’s Valar?

Valinor. In Valinor, Gandalf was called Olórin. He was one of the Maiar of Valinor, specifically, of the people of the Vala Manwë; and was said to be the wisest of the Maiar. He was also closely associated with two other Valar: Irmo, in whose gardens he lived, and Nienna, the patron of mercy, who gave him tutelage.

Who is more powerful than Sauron?

9 Answers. Morgoth is clearly more powerful than Sauron. This was not just an opinion but rather hard fact stated by Tolkien himself. Morgoth is stated to be the first and most powerful of the Ainur.

How old is Morgoth?

( Morgoth was created before the physical realm of Arda and Middle-earth was established, thus his age is unquantifiable. Assuming a consecutive lifespan, he is at least 50,000 years old.)

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