Why did Apollo curse Cassandra?

Gift of prophecy. Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy, but was also cursed by the god Apollo so that her true prophecies would not be believed. Many versions of the myth relate that she incurred the god’s wrath by refusing him sex, after promising herself to him in exchange for the power of prophecy.

Who was Cassandra and how did she die?

Cassandra and Troy When Troy fell to the Greeks, Cassandra tried to find a shelter in Athena’s Temple, but she was brutally abducted by Ajax and was brought to Agamemnon as a concubine. Cassandra died in Mycenae, murdered along with Agamemnon by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.

What does Cassandra mean in Greek mythology?

Classical Mythology. a daughter of Priam and Hecuba, a prophet cursed by Apollo so that her prophecies, though true, were fated never to be believed. a person who prophesies doom or disaster. a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “helper of men.”

Why did Clytemnestra kill Cassandra?

Agamemnon had brought Cassandra back as a concubine. Clytemnestra had been having an affair with Agamemnon’s cousin Aegisthus while Agamemnon was at Troy. Agamemnon would have killed Clytemnestra if he discovered her infidelity, so Agamemnon had to die. Cassandra was a witness so she had to die.

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Who did Cassandra marry?

Cassandra, in Greek mythology, the daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy, and his wife Hecuba. In Homer’s Iliad, she is the most beautiful of Priam’s daughters but not a prophetess.

What was Cassandra’s Curse?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was cursed for her ability to predict the future. No one listened to her. One of the consequences was the ruinous fall of Troy to the Greeks. She herself was captured, and then killed.

Is Cassandra a nice name?

While it has unfortunate connotations, Cassandra is a lovely, albeit slightly unusual name. It would make any little girl stand out in a classroom. Possible nicknames include Cas, Cassie, Sandra, Sandy, and Andy. Cassandra is such a gorgeous name for a girl.

Why did Eris throw the golden apple?

The goddess of discord, Eris was enraged when she wasn’t invited to the wedding of King Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis. When Eris found out that she wasn’t invited she decided that she needed to cause trouble in some way. Eris snuck into the wedding and threw a golden apple into the room.

Is Cassandra a NoSQL?

Cassandra is one of the most efficient and widely-used NoSQL databases. Another key benefit of Cassandra is the massive volume of data that the system can handle. It can effectively and efficiently handle huge amounts of data across multiple servers.

What is a nickname for Cassandra?

Origin of the name Cassandra: Short: Cass, Kass, Sandra, Saundra. Pet: Cassi, Cassie, Cassy, Kassi, Kassie, Sandi, Sandie, Sandy.

Is Cassandra an old name?

Cassandra, also spelt Kassandra, is a given name of Greek origin. Cassandra ( name )

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Word/ name Greek mythology
Meaning the one who shines and excels over men
Other names
Related names Casandra, Cassie, Casey, Sandra, Sandy

What does Cassandra mean in Latin?

Latin Baby Names Meaning: In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Cassandra is: Prophetess.

Is Cassandra Agamemnon’s lover?

Cassandra. A Trojan priestess, captured by Agamemnon and carried to Argos as his slave and mistress. She was Apollo’s lover. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but when she refused to bear him a child, he punished her by making all around her disbelieve her predictions.

What kind of woman is Clytemnestra?

Clytemnestra is decisive, resolute, and aggressive, and her femininity is often called into question. However, she is able mask her anger in public moments in order to carry out her revenge plot. The nobility of her revenge is complicated by her affair with Aegisthus.

What sort of woman is Clytemnestra?

Electra tells us that Clytemnestra is a cruel, pitiless, woman, a killer of her own husband who deserves to be punished for her actions. According to Electra, Clytemnestra killed Agamemnon so that she could be with Aegisthus.

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